Māhuri Team

Welcome to the Māhuri Team for 2020. We are excited to be working with you and your family and have an exciting curriculum planned for the year. In the Māhuri Team we believe that the students are at the heart of everything we do. Engaging our students in their learning is our priority. We take pride in our collective strengths and passions across the curriculum which include: visual art, drama, PE, science, mathematics and literacy. We all LOVE teaching senior school students as we believe these are the years of growth development and opportunities as our learners mature and ready themselves for their intermediate years. ​ We strive to produce independent learners who are self-motivated. It is a pleasure seeing Māhuri students go beyond their comfort zone and learn new skills for life. Don’t forget to follow our school page on Facebook:  Chelsea School Facebook

Space 5: Mr Keith Wilson keith@chelsea.school.nz
Space 6: Miss Tracey Notley (Co-Team Leader) tracey@chelsea.school.nz
Space 6 Co-Teacher: Mrs Sarah Blaney sarah@chelsea.school.nz
Space 7: Miss Eden Ward eden@chelsea.school.nz
Space 8: Ms Sarah Tohill (Co-Team Leader) saraht@chelsea.school.nz
Space 9: Mrs Debby Rafter debby@chelsea.school.nz
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