Kākāno Team

Kākāno – New Entrants and Year 1

Welcome to Kākāno! 2020

There are currently 4 Kākāno Classrooms:

Space 17:   Mrs Nicola Eka (Team Leader)

Space 16:   Mr Nick Smud

Space 14: Miss Sharan Kaur

Space 13:   Mrs Natalie Hooker

Welcome to Kākāno 2020

For us in Kākāno there is a real focus on developing independence and self management skills. Starting school involves adjusting to new routines and expectations.In line with our Team name “Kākāno” this is a time of great learning and development. We believe that by providing a caring and consistent environment learners will foster a love and curiosity for learning and being at school.

In order to achieve this we:

  • Balancing play and learning in a play based learning model
  • Promoting both the key competencies from the New Zealand Curriculum and the Chelsea school motto, values and DNA.
  • Creating firm home school partnerships, communication is key
  • Adopting a growth mindset where can’t is replaced by ‘not yet’ thinking
  • Valuing attempts at learning and the process rather than the result – First Attempt in Learning mindset.
  • Utilising a range of strategies to support learners to adjust to school life
  • Having a safe, nurturing environment where learning risk taking is fostered and high expectations are embedded in classrooms.

We are excited to be a part of your child’s learning journey and look forward to working alongside you. Through our Seesaw blog you can catch a glimpse of some of our learning and adventures at school.

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