Announcement : 

Welcome back everyone! Level 2 again for this week! Details in Newsfeed below.

Level 2 midnight tonight (Wednesday)

Kia ora whānau

Following the update from the Prime Minister this afternoon, we will be moving to Alert Level 2 from midnight tonight (Wednesday). 

We are very excited to welcome our kids back tomorrow.   At level 2, all learners (except those who are immune-compromised) are expected to be at school.  

Entering and Exiting the School Grounds 

At Alert Level 2, we will be moving back to drop-offs at the gate and encouraging parents not to come onto our school site unless there is a specific need to do so.  Some reasons that parents may choose to come onsite, may be around children who are experiencing anxiety or settling brand new learners into their classrooms. It is critical that contact tracing procedures are tight, so anyone who enters the grounds will be asked to sign in.  This also means that gates will be locked until 8.30 am and again after 3.15 pm.  

Every visitor (anyone who is not a staff member or a student) must sign in and out when they enter and leave the grounds (using the same gate). We would ask please, that if your child is confident and capable of getting to their classroom, that you say your goodbyes at the gates.  Older siblings could also be an amazing support here. 

Arrival to School

Drop-off in the morning will happen between 8.30-9.00am as usual. Drop-off is easier to organise because of the staggered nature of arrival to school.

The pedestrian gates that we will be opening are

  • Gate A: Chelsea View Entrance 
  • Gate B: Chelsea Kindy (please don’t park in the Kindy carpark)
  • Gate C: Driveway Gate (top court by the swimming pool)
  • Gate D: Gate by Mr Maddock’s shed (by the Onetaunga Crossing)

Any parents coming onsite from these gates will need to sign in and out on our registers. We will have a member of staff at each gate to help with this. 

The main driveway gate (drop off) will be open for parents to drive through and drop their children in the mornings.

Leaving the grounds in the afternoon (3 pm)

Our Y0-2 learners (who don’t have siblings to collect them) will be taken to your preferred gate by Kākano and Pakiaka teachers ready to be picked up at 3pm.

Older siblings will be released from class at 2.50 pm so that they can collect younger brothers and sisters and then move as a family group to the gate you have indicated.

A link was sent yesterday so that parents of Year 1 & 2 learners can specify which gate they want their children walked to. If you haven’t yet filled in the survey (2 mins max) please use the link below:

Gate Information – Year 1 & 2 Learners only

Please help us by having a conversation with your child/ren so that they are crystal clear about where they are to meet you. If your child usually walks or bikes home, they can continue to do this.

Other key information:

  • Morning tea – before leaving the classroom to eat morning tea, all learners will wash or sanitise their hands.  Our junior learners will eat their food before the bell so that teachers can supervise hand washing and ensure that food is not being shared.
  • Lunch eating – this will happen at the normal time, but all learners will be eating inside their classrooms, supervised by their teachers.  Again, this is so that handwashing can be supervised and so that food is not shared.
  • Kelly Club will be running under Alert Level 2.  I have reviewed Kelly Club’s health and safety processes and procedures and these are well-thought-out and easy to follow.  Kelly Club will be in touch with you directly to let you know of these changes.
  • Our grounds will be closed until 8.30 am, except for those learners who are attending Kelly Club.
  • The office will be operating, however, we will be limiting the number of people in the office at any time.  Any payments can be made online through Kindo.  If you need to visit the office, please call or email to make arrangements.
  • The grounds will continue to be locked at Alert Level 2.  The gates will open at 8.30 am and will be locked again at 3.15 pm.  Sadly, our families won’t be able to meet up and play on the grounds as usual.
  • Whilst face masks have not been recommended by the ministry, we understand that in our culturally diverse school some families may choose to send students with masks, and this is absolutely fine.

What you can do to help make this transition easier:

  • Talk to your child about what school will look like during Alert Level 2 – while we are allowed back on-site, we are saving hugs and touching for our families and we are being extra careful about catching sneezes and coughs along with washing and sanitising hands.  We are also not sharing food.
  • If your child is sick, please keep them at home until they are better.  If they are showing respiratory symptoms, please get in touch with Health Line or your GP to seek advice.
  • Please make sure that your child has a named drink bottle, as the water fountains have been turned off.
  • Know where you’ve been and who you’ve seen – this would be critical in the event that we have a confirmed case at Chelsea.

Hopefully, we will be moving out of Level 2 early next week!  

At Level 2 gathering sizes are limited.  This means that assemblies and other events will be postponed until we are back at Level 1. We will attempt to reschedule our ‘Meet the Teams’ event in the coming weeks. 

Year 6 Camp will go ahead at Alert Level 2.  

If your child will be absent, please use the usual channels to let the office know. 

Kind regards 

Amanda Douglas 
Chelsea Primary School