Announcement : 

Welcome back everyone! Level 2 again for this week! Details in Newsfeed below.

Preparing for potential level changes

Kia ora whānau 

I hope that you’re all doing okay at home.  This sudden swing into lockdown has caught everyone by surprise!  Things seem to be looking pretty positive on the testing front, so let’s hope that we’re back at school very soon. 

We are doing some preparation to make sure that if the current alert levels continue, we are prepared to send devices home to those who need them so that the Y3-6 teachers can start connecting with their learners through Zoom.  If you are in need of a device, please email  Please note, we won’t be sending devices home unless Alert Level 3 extends beyond Wednesday.

If alert levels change, it is possible that Auckland could move to level 2.  Just to refresh everyone’s memories, Level 2 means that all learners can return to school, but that parents and caregivers drop them at the gate and pick them up from the gate. Unless parents absolutely have to come onto the grounds (settling anxious children, or early days at school), please say your goodbyes at the gates.   To make this easier, our little people (who don’t have older siblings), are taken to their preferred gate ready to be picked up at 3 pm.

If you have a child in Y1-2, Kākano and Pakiaka Teams, please choose the gate that you will pick your child up from after school by completing the survey using the link below. 

Gate Information – Year 1 & 2 Learners only

Gate A:  Chelsea View Drive

Gate B:  Kindy

Gate C:  Double gate by the swimming pool

Gate D: End of the car park by the crossing on Onetaunga Road

We’re all hoping for a move back into Level 1, but if not, it pays to be as prepared as possible. 

Thanks and take care!  I’ll be in touch once we hear where to from here. 

Amanda Douglas 
Chelsea Primary School