Level 3 Update – Friday 14 August

Good evening everyone 

I know many of you would have been glued to the update this evening to find out where to next.  Although it’s a shame to travel down this track again, we must have faith that we can do this!  While the battle rages on overseas, we are always going to be at risk of exposure.  For members of our community who have employment stresses, you are very much in our thoughts, these are such difficult times for many. 

Our team are ready to launch their online programmes from Monday, so please take some time over the weekend to discuss work areas, timetables and how Level 3 will look at your house. 

Some of our kids will be feeling anxious or a bit worried about this quite sudden turn of events, so please ease into it without too much pressure.  If you are worried about your child, let their teacher know and we can organise a check-in.  Jen Allen is also available (in and around looking after her own children) to connect with mindfulness practices and wellbeing chats, as are the senior leadership team.  

At Level 3, we will continue to operate bubble classrooms at school.  This option is available for children of essential workers who are unable to be cared for at home or by close relatives.  If you would like to discuss this option, please email me amanda@chelsea.school.nz and I will be in touch. 

Teams and teachers will be sending their timetables and planning for next week through Hero over the weekend. If you get a chance, it would be a good idea to read through and get a sense of what has been planned. 

Take care everyone.  Kia kaha! 

Amanda Douglas 
Chelsea Primary School