Undergraduates Syndicate


Welcome to the Undergrads syndicate!

Mrs Nicola Eka has her New Entrant class in Space 17 and Mrs Su Saga has a Year 1 class in Space 16. Mrs Amy Davies will be co teaching in Space 17 for Term 1.  Mrs Nicola Eka is our Syndicate Leader and is very approachable.  Parents are welcome to come and talk to any of us at any time - in fact we would love to see you!

At Chelsea we like to encourage a partnership between school and kindy and have a great relationship with the surrounding kindergartens, with our pre-school visits for children just before they are due to start school on Thursday mornings 9.00 - 10.00am. Before this, we have our Prep classes on Wednesdays 1.45 - 2.45pm first 5 weeks of term.

Undergrads - New Entrants and Year 1

Space 14 Ms Lenni Miller lenni@chelsea.school.nz
Space 15  
Space 15   
Space 16 Ms Su Saga su@chelsea.school.nz
Space 17 Mrs Carly Kiefte carly@chelsea.school.nz
               Mrs Janey Luke janey@chelsea.school.nz

Our teachers like to send out pictures of your child captured during the day, to parents via email - please check that we have your name and email on our lists.  When you get these pictures, there will be no explanation in the hope that you will sit down with your child and they will explain their learning to you.