Sports at Chelsea

Basketball - Flippaball - Netball - Hockey - Rippa Rugby - Soccer - Touch

What a fantastic array of sport we have available for children at Chelsea.  A big thank you to all the parents and coaches who volunteer their time to provide our children with so many wonderful sporting opportunities.

For information on sports available and details about sport at Chelsea, please see the attached Sports Handbook. 

For draws and further information on a particular sport, please refer to the appropriate sports page on this website or contact the relevant co-ordinator directly:

Basketball                            Cary McKechnie                      

Cricket                                  Emma Henderson                  

Summer Soccer                  TBA                                 

Netball                                 Shiree Morrison                     

Flippa Ball                            Steph Allen                            

Touch Rugby                      Emma Henderson                    

Hockey                                Cary McKechnie                        

Rippa Rugby                       Cary McKechnie                        

Tournaments/Zone Days     Peter Anderson                   

Sports uniforms                Emma Henderson                       

Weet-Bix Tryathlon         Cary Mckechnie                        

Dance Sport                      Carole Carkeek                          

Shore to Shore Fun Run       Peter Anderson                   


Chelsea Sports Mission and Vision Statement

OUR PURPOSE (Why are we here?)

To promote and encourage participation in a wide variety of sports and to create a safe, fair, respectful and enjoyable sporting environment for our children.

OUR VISION (What we want for our children)

To increase the level of participation in sport as a way to increase fitness, build self-esteem, learn teamwork, social skills and develop lifelong habits of being actively involved in sport and physical activity.

OUR VALUES (What do we want to encourage our children to do?)

Whanau -            
Working together, offering support and encouragement, accepting each other to create a positive sporting community.

Excellence -        
Persevering and acknowledging success, creating an attitude of trying your best.

Respect -             
Showing respect for referees/umpires, coaches, team mates, supporters and opponents as well as themselves and their environment.

Opportunities -   
Have a go! Experience different activities to find what you like in order to be physically active. Be proud of yourself and never give up! 

Fair Play -            
Play within the rules of the game, ensure players, coaches and supporters maintain discipline and all team members are given a fair go.

Energy -               
Fun and positive environment to ensure our children continue to participate.

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