Rippa Rugby

Glenfield Rippa Rugby Tournaments


Teams were as follows:

Chelsea Chargers (year 3 & 4 girls)

Chelsea Rippas (year 3 & 4 boys)

Chelsea Dodgers (year 3 & 4 boys)

Chelsea Crystals (year 5 & 6 girls)

Chelsea Knights (year 5 & 6 boys)

Chelsea Sidesteppers (year 5 & 6 boys)

Chelsea participate in the primary school Rippa Rugby competition held at Glenfield RFC, Kaipatiki park, Glendfield! 

 There are three tournament days, which are run on Thursdays throughout terms 2 and 3.   

Students will wear a Chelsea sports uniform and all players must play in bare feet.  The team will be provided with Rippa belts to wear.

Each team will consist of 10-12 players.

For further information please contact Pete Anderson

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