PHDs Syndicate

Welcome to PhDs 2017!

PhDs - Years 5 and 6

Space 1 Miss Mina Mubarak 


Space 2 Miss Tracey Notley (Syndicate Leader) 


Space 3 Mr Peter Anderson


Space 4 Mrs Sarah Blaney


Welcome to the PhD Syndicate for 2017. We are excited to be working with you and your family and have an exciting curriculum planned for the year. In the PhD Syndicate we believe that the students are at the heart of everything we do. Engaging our students in their learning is our priority. 

We take pride in our collective strengths and passions across the curriculum which include: visual art, drama, PE, science, mathematics and literacy. We all LOVE teaching senior school students as we believe these are the years of growth development and opportunities as our learners mature and ready themselves for their intermediate years.

We strive to produce independent learners who are self-motivated. It is a pleasure seeing the PhDs go beyond their comfort zone and learn new skills for life.

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We hope the events portrayed through photos will encourage communication and discussions with your child about their school life.

 Term 2, 2017:

Thanks to the Red Cross team for visiting us, they loved the scroll we gifted them...

Log in to see Saw for a photos of our syndicate on this day.

Children should be proud of their quality work making the wall displays in the PhD classrooms! Artwork, inquiries and writing samples have created lively environments where children are owning their learning spaces. 

BYOD are proving to save time and allow children to get on with their tasks much more efficiently when devices are required, we need to make sure they continue being looked after and kept away from the rain while taking these home in the afternoons this term.

Keep in mind our Chelsea DNA:

Chelsea Learners are: resilient, communicators, persevering, up for a challenge, engaged, curious, collaborators and celebrators.

Term 1 2017:

PhD Team 2017

Students are back from a big week at Year 6 camp/ Year 5 Outdoor Education activites. We look forward to getting stuck into some class time now!

Swimming sports are coming up as well so please esure your child brings in their swimming gear on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Fridays.

Term 4 2016:

Congrats to our first Values Trophy winner of the term!Elena

We have been lucky enough to learn how to play table tennis with Ebi, a 3 x National Champion! There are some hidden talents in our syndicate we discovered! 


End of Term 3:

Congratulations to Jacob for setting an excellent example for his peers during Production. Apologies for the sideways photo!

Term 3: 

This term really is action-packed, and not only on stage. Our students have been busy with the upcoming school production Troy Story, as well as training for Cross Country which was held in week 5. All runners put in 100% effort and should be proud of their participation and progress, especially when training in this unpredictable weather! Congratulations to those who made it to the inter-school cross country. 


Year 5 and 6 students who are in the Chess Club, participated in the local Chess Competition and thoroughly enjoyed their experience. They achieved Gold and secured a place in the regionals.


Our Term 3 Inquiry topic is based around the Big Question 'What's the Point?' We have been integrating this into all our subjects especially Science in which PhD pupils are applying the Nature of Science inquiry process to learn about water filtration and purification, absorption and colour, making oil lamps and studying the structure of and technology behind everyday items such as paper towels.  


On Fridays, Chelsea participates in a whole school activity program called "Skillz" in which students go off to separate classes and contribute in various activities like knitting, computers 101, cross stitch, geometric line art and many other tasks.


 Term 2:

Our fabulous PhDs have been working so hard this term to learn their spelling words so that Chelsea can take part of the NZ SpellingBee! Well done to every student for taking part in the written test, each child is issued a certificate of participation. For the students who were up for the challenge and participated in the StandUp spelling bee, you are brave and we all celebrated together. Congratulations to runners up Emelia and Raina, and our winner of 2016, Charlotte.


Congratulations to all the students who have shown commitment to a sports team this term. Your hard work and effort is always noticed. Some great achievements from our pupils this term with Netball tournaments, Basketball competitions, Rippa inter-school competitions, uni-cycle riding and even chess! Our students have really shown their passion and enthusiasm not only to learn but progress as well. Here are a few pictures of some highlights.






Below from top: PHD Indian dance duo performing at school assembly (apologies for the rotated photos), PHD anti-bylling day creating scenarios through drama, using equipment to unlock algebraic sequences, testing number and geometry, and the very deserving Values Trophy winner...


Raina and Roma


Cyber-bulling is NOT ok!

Alex, Karlie, Attlia, Olivia

Mathematical discussions 


Congratulations Emily!

Week 10:

Our swimmers represented Chelsea Primary School with pride and excellence, well done to all involved.

A large number of our PHd students took part in the KIWIKIDS TRYALTHLON this year, a fantastic achievement, group photo coming soon!

Some student-led drama on a Friday afternoon...

Remember we will be ending Term 1 with Spotty Day on the last day, to support the Melanoma Society. School ends 2pm Friday 15th April.


Week 8 and Easter:

Congratulations to our 3rd Values Trophy winner, Logan, for displaying exemplary behaviour, and positive attitude.

PHD students were very encouraging to their peers and excited to see our undergrads graduate just before Easter, it was a very warm and enjoyable afternoon which was lead by two of our own students whom we are very proud of! 

Here are some photos of what our syndicate has been up to this year... for now the buttered hot cross buns and chocolate eggs will hopefully keep everyone energetic for this short school week, and we hope all our families have kept safe over the long weekend.


 A display of special talent and skills

 Improvisation and a little theatre.



Making Playdough 

Scientific observations



As we approach week 7...

We are pleased to enter our seventh week of term one with so many achievements already! Swimming sports was absolutely fabulous and thank you so much to those who came out to help and support! Our swimming practices at school really did pay off and the atmosphere was incredibly supportive and positive; very Chelsea-like!

 We would like to introduce our second PHD Values Trophy winner of the year: Jack from space 1, who earned it for displaying outstanding kindness and care for his fellow classmates. Well done Jack!

 PHD students have launched their inquiry into Social Change and have been asking some excellent questions about what this short heading entails. We can’t wait to proceed in our investigations and find out all we can about our current ideas and queries.

Well done to the year 6 students carrying out their jobs, keep it up. It was great to hear out our students' goals and targets for the year at the trianguler meetings last Thursday, some great presentations were created and a lot of thought put into what they wanted to share with their guardians. Lastly, we had a special jump jam last Friday, watch this space for pics to come …


Week 5 in the land of PHD:

Our senior students having been practising their swimming for the big day next week! Please remind your child to pack their swimming gear each day so they can get some pool time.

Children have been thinking deeply about what kind of learners they are, how they learn best and what their learning styles are. They will be sharing this with you at the triangulation meetings.

Ka Kite,

PHD team. 


 Congratulations to our first Values Trophy winnner for 2016; McLean! During year 5 outdoor education week, he demonstrated high standards of responsibility, teamwork and he upheld the Chelsea Values. Well done McLean!

Three Weeks In!

Wow what a fantastic week packed with real-life experiences and practical challenges for our PHD students. Year 6 had an invaluable experience at camp while our year 5 pupils approached their own outdoor challenges, soldiering on through the wind and rain! Below are some snap shots of the year 5 outdoor education week. A grand thank you to every parent that helped us out during this week, again these opportunities are not possible without you and the children absolutely appreciate you being apart of their mememoirs. A photo folder documenting Week 3 will be available in the coming days for children to take a copy of if they wish. They will just need to bring in their own USB stick to do so.

As we enter week 4, testing will be carried out for maths, listening and comprehension. Please ensure your child is well rested during this important week.


Ka kite ano

PHD team

Bottle Rockets

Team Building

Rock Climbing


PHD Staff Team


PHD Staff Team


Photo from left: Rebecca Hedges, Tracey Notley, Mina Mubarak and Hannah Croucher


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