Our Staff

Principal:  Mrs Sue Mulcahy Email: sue@chelsea.school.nz
Deputy Principal: Mrs Amanda Douglas Email: amanda@chelsea.school.nz
Deputy Principal: Mrs Janine Cross Email: janine@chelsea.school.nz
Deputy Principal (Acting): Mrs Nicola Eka Email: nicola@chelsea.school.nz

Undergrads - New Entrants & Year 1

Space 14 Ms Lenni Miller Email: lenni@chelsea.schoiol.nz
Space 15  Email: 
Space 16 Mrs Su Saga Email: su@chelsea.school.nz
Space 17 Mrs Carly Kiefte Email: carly@chelsea.school.nz
Space 17 Mrs Janey Luke Email: janey@chelsea.school.nz
Bachelors - Year 2   
Space 13 Mrs Carole Carkeek Email: carole@chelsea.school.nz
Space 12 Mrs Prue East Email: prue@chelsea.school.nz
Space 10 Mrs Jennie Le Sueur – Syndicate Leader Email: jennie@chelsea.school.nz
Space 11 Ms Rebecca Hedges Email: rebecca@chelsea.school.nz
Masters - Years 3 & 4  
Space 5 Mrs Helen Lares Email: helen@chelsea.school.nz

Space 6 Mrs Samantha Bottcher - Syndicate Leader        

Email: sam@chelsea.school.nz

Space 7 Ms Hannah Croucher Email: hannah@chelsea.school.nz
Space 8 Ms Natasha Peterson Email: natasha@chelsea.school.nz
Space 9 Mrs Katrina Kiely Email: katrina@chelsea.school.nz
PhDs - Years 5 & 6  
Space 1 Ms Mina Mubarak Email: mina@chelsea.school.nz
Space 2 Mrs Tracey Notley
- Syndicate Leader
Email: tracey@chelsea.school.nz
Space 3 Mr Peter Anderson Email: peter@chelsea.school.nz
Space 4 Mrs Sarah Blaney Email: sarah@chelsea.school.nz
​Mrs Maggie Ede - teacher aide Email: maggie@chelsea.school.nz
Ms Julie Johnson - teacher aide  
Mrs Leah Belshaw - teacher aide  
Mrs Jan Norman - teacher aide  
Mrs Alison Stothers - Quick 60 Programme, Librarian & teacher aide  Email: alison@chelsea.school.nz
Mr Tim Christie - CRT - Classroom relief time teacher

 Email: tim@chelsea.school.nz

Mrs Jenny Henderson - part time teacher  
ESOL and Language Support​  
Mrs Kay Finlay Email: kay@chelsea.school.nz
Ms Kelly Grant  

School Administration

PA to the Principal - Mrs Sandra Cotcher:          Email: office@chelsea.school.nz
Receptionist - Mrs Jo Trower:                            Email: jo@chelsea.school.nz

Property Manager

Mr Dave Maddock:  dave@chelsea.school.nz

​Before and After School Programme:  Kelly Club

Contact Kelly Club -  jeremy@kellysports.co.nz