National Standards Parent Information

You play an important part in supporting your child's learning. 

To help you do this here is information about the National Standards in reading, writing and mathematics, how they work in a school context, and tips on how you can support your child’s learning with interactive, fun, easy, everyday activities that you can do at home and while out and about.

The links below provide illustrations and easy to understand descriptions of each standard. These are organised into year levels.  

Remember that if your child is 'Above' the standard, they will be working at the standard above their current year level.  If your child is 'Below' the standard they will be working at the standard below their current year level.  For example, if your child is in year 6 and is working 'Above' the standard, they are likely to be achieving at a year 7 or 8 level.  This is why we have included information booklets from year 1 up to year 8.

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