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Administrative Information

School Day - Bell Times

          8.30am         Children may enter grounds/rooms
          8.55am         Roll call
          11.00am       Morning break
          11.20am       School resumes
          12.30pm       Lunch
          1.25pm         School resumes
          3.00pm         School finishes

Please ensure your children are delivered to their class well before the 8.55am bell to enable the children to settle before commencement of classes. 

Reporting to parents

Weekly newsletters are sent home each Wednesday by email. They are also available on this website.  Each term there is a syndicate newsletter updating parents on the forthcoming events and areas of study.

Parents Evenings/Reporting to Parents

Teachers hold individual parent interviews for all parents twice throughout the year.  Written reports are issued twice a year. These will give a written indication of your child's attitude, effort and progress against the National Standards and is a summation of the year's work.

Incidental Pupil/Parent Interviews

Parents are welcome to discuss concerns with teachers as they arise, by appointment. However, as teachers have commitments before, during and after school, parents are requested to make an appointment by contacting the office.

Teachers are unavailable during school time when they are teaching.


Parents should notify the school office by telephone or note (delivered by sibling, neighbour or friend) when a pupil is going to be absent.  All pupil absences, by law, must be reported and explained even if the absence is only for part of the day.  We also request that all children who have been kept home for illness are not returned too early.  This helps lower the risk of infecting others and ensures your child is well and truly recovered so they can concentrate on their lessons.

Absence phone line: 4180082  (24 hr answer phone) or our on-line "Report Absence" link from the home-page.

For full details of school administration please refer to the FAQ page or ask at the School Office.