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Welcome to the Bachelors Syndicate. We hope you will visit this page to find out what is happening in our syndicate.

We love working with your children. We are amazed at how much they grow throughout their second year at school. They become such confident, independent little people who constantly impress us with their talents and knowledge.

Bachelors - Year 1 and Year 2 

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This year our Year 2 students have their own Seesaw Journal, a digital portfolio, where they can post and share their learning with their own family. A selection of these posts will be uploaded to the class blog where everyone can view this "window into the classroom." Please give us feedback on our efforts.

Space 10's blog -

Space 11's blog -

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Links to our latest syndicate newsletters, as well as other PDFs that contain useful ideas for helping your child at home, will be posted here. 

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